Goal : To have synchronized prayer and fasting throughout the Philippines for revival in our nation EVERY FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH. In gist, pray that corruption and idolatry will end and that God will send the revival fire to the Philippines now.

Prayer declaration over La Union

1. Psalm 24;ps 68:1;ps 60:12

-declare that la union and all of the Philippinesis the lords and its fullness.

        -Ask for forgiveness, clean hands and pure heart before God.

        -Declare that the king of glory, Jesus, shall come in the north.

        -Arise, o Lord, let your enemies be scattered in the north.

        -Declare victory for it is God who shall trample our enemy.

2. 2 chronicles 20:21-22;ps 149

- Declare that "worship-warrior spirit" shall arise in this nation, La Union

- Declare the high praises of God in our midst. let it reverberate in the atmosphere(spend time worshipping and declaring how great is our God)

- Decree that the most feeble of us will be like david, the great worshipping warrior king(zech 12:8).

- Speak forth new and revolutionary strategies for warfare and worship that will completely destroy territorial spirits and demonic strongholds.

    - Name and bind the strongholds in la union. decree that every reproach, generational sins and curses are now ineffective and powerless because of the blood of the lamb(Rev 12:11;2 Cor 10:4).

3.  I kings 17- II kings 2

    - Declare that Elijah's mantel will be released in this region; speak forth that you are willing to pay the price and know to steward this mantle; decree the holy spirit's power thru you to call down fire and rain from heaven that will cause many to follow christ; speak forth birthing of innumerable signs and wonders in your ministry that will lead to record breaking harvest of souls; declare that you will have the boldness to confront the Ahab andJezebel of your day; declare that you will mentor the Elisha's of the next generation.

4.  John 17

    - Declare that the true spirit of unity prayed by Jesus manifest fully in the all the leaders that will trickle down to every church in the region.

    - Bind every form of division, denominational barriers, selfishness, pride, religious superiority and spiritual blindness that hinders unity of the body.

5.  Deut:8:18; Deut 28; 3 John 2; Eph 3:20; Prov 3:9-10; Ezek 36:29 ff

    - declare revival in the land which will include economic prosperity.

    - speak forth good financial stewardship, integrity, on your behalf so God can entrust with the very best he has for you; declare restoration of things stolen from your; break poverty spirit from us leaders !